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Estate planning can be stress-free with the right law firm at your side. Welsh & McGough, PLLC has the experience and knowledge to assist you with your estate plan and ensure that your goals are met. We have drafted hundreds of Wills and Trusts and know which you need to effectuate your plan.

When you draft a Will, assets are distributed to beneficiaries according to your wishes. Your Will can also be used to address other issues such as choosing your executor and identifying the people you wish to care for your minor children. Wills generally payout immediately upon the closing of the probate process. If you wish to control from the grave, such as funding college educations over a period of time for grandchildren, or even distributing money over time, you will need a plan more sophisticated than a Will. In that case, a Trust may be your best option. Wills generally go through the probate process.

Since 2008, the Oklahoma legislature has allowed Transfer on Death Deeds to inherit real property in Oklahoma. This document functions much like a life insurance beneficiary in that, upon death, an affidavit is prepared within statutory time-lines for filing in land records at the county clerk’s office where the property is located. The real property then passes outside the probate process. Often times transfer on death and/or pay on death beneficiaries may be used on other assets as well to allow for a simple Will without probate or a Trust to transfer assets. Welsh & McGough, PLLC has the expertise to craft an estate plan that works for you that is the most cost-effective way to dispose of and administer your estate.

A Trust is also a very useful and often-times much needed option. There are many different types of Trusts that can be used depending on your individual goals and needs. Trusts are often necessary to effectuate your goals, to plan for tax issues, or to simply control distribution of money to your beneficiaries over time. Our attorneys have the expertise to assist you with all your estate planning needs. The firm is experienced with special needs planning, Medicaid planning, charitable planning, and your other planning needs.

Welsh & McGough, PLLC also has the knowledge and experience to assist you with durable powers of attorney, advance directives for health care, and other health and financial documents. Ensuring that you have the right people appointed to help you make decisions when and if you need it is necessary. Doing so with the help of qualified, competent counsel who assist with all estate planning needs is stress-free and liberating.