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Involvement in a family law case can be an extremely difficult and emotional experience. The concerns over how marital property will be divided, who will have custody of the children, alimony, and child support, are all overwhelming. If there are concerns over DNA testing to determine paternity, or enforcement of orders already in existence a whole new level of difficulties and confusion are a reality.

The process of obtaining a divorce/dissolution of marriage can be complicated. It is necessary to have competent and experienced lawyers to guide you through the process. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to obtain the best results for you.

Oklahoma family law courts are guided by the best interest of the minor child when determining child custody. The court will consider many factors, including: the education, health, age, development, special needs, parental attachments, and relationships, among other things, when deciding custody and visitation. It is important to note that the issue of child custody is always subject to a modification by the appropriate court in order to always provide for the best interest of the child.

Every parent is required to pay for the support of his or her minor children. Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines govern the determination of the amount of child support. The adjusted gross income of the mother and father are added together to obtain a combined gross income. A Determining the correct child support may seem simple, but it can be extremely complex and is often times the most contested issue in a divorce.

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to assist you in the family law process. Whether you need to challenge paternity, establish paternity, establish child support, file contempt on a child support collection action, file a new divorce or paternity case, file for modification of an existing case, or just need a consultation on how to proceed, we are here to represent you.