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Tulsa Probate Attorney

The probate process involves transferring title to property, whether real or personal, to heirs or those individuals left the property through a Last Will and Testament (legatees and devisees).
The probate courts hear cases related to the personal and financial affairs of adults and children.
The probate process involves appointing a personal representative and the distribution and handling of the assets in the estates of a decedent. At Welsh & McGough, PLLC, we have helped hundreds of clients with probates and administration of estates. We have the experience to assist families during this stressful and painful time.

Often disputes as to wills and dispositions in those wills arises, and an experienced probate lawyer is necessary to navigate through litigation that ensues. We stand ready to help with our vast knowledge of probate procedure and litigation.

In Oklahoma, the minimum time required to settle a simple estate can range from approximately three to six months. Larger estates, or estates requiring real property to be sold, may take longer.

There are some alternatives to probate that can be utilized in pre-planning or estate planning. Indeed, transfer on death deeds, pay on death or transfer on death on accounts, and ensuring beneficiaries are designated on life insurance and retirement accounts is a good first step. Often there needs to be more planning and attorneys experienced in trusts and estate planning are necessary. At Welsh & McGough, we focus on estates from the planning stages to administration to streamline the probate process.

Depending on the situation after death, Oklahoma allows for affidavits to be utilized to pass some assets to heirs. This can be a cost-effective way to avoid costs associated with the probate process, and a tool that may be utilized in some instances.

As experienced probate attorneys, we are here to assist you in finding alternatives to the probate process or expediting the probate of your loved one’s estate as much as possible.