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Expert Guardianship Attorney in Tulsa – Protecting Your Loved Ones

Comprehensive Guardianship Legal Services for Adults and Minors in Tulsa, OK

Deciding to file for guardianship of a loved one, whether a minor child in difficult circumstances or an adult with health or cognition issues, is stressful and overwhelming. Our attorneys have filed hundreds of child guardianships and adult guardianships in Tulsa and surrounding counties. The paperwork required to file a guardianship is extensive and case-specific, so entrust a team of lawyers who know how to customize orders to meet case-specific needs.

There are many discount outfits offering guardianship services for reduced fees. Many do not have attorneys to represent clients in court. The order entered by the court is instrumental in setting the terms and conditions of the guardianship, and an experienced guardianship lawyer is important to assist you in setting appropriate standards, restrictions, and terms for the guardianship.

Often times guardianships are the only solution to stop adult financial exploitation, neglect, and abuse. Similarly, guardianships are often essential to protect minor children from parents who have drug issues or mental health issues, among other things.

Our attorneys have also served as Guardian Ad Litems in numerous guardianship and family law cases, advocating for the best interest of incapacitated adults and minor children.

Our attorneys also have represented adults when family members have filed for guardianship over which they object. Contested guardianship actions are one of our passions, and we are not afraid to stand up for the rights of the Ward. Even if a guardianship is ultimately necessary, preserving rights to vote, participate in decision-making, or have a spending allowance are not lost on our attorneys. Though not a guardianship situation, because guardians cannot consent to mental health treatment, our attorneys also have assisted clients in filing for mental health treatment of loved ones through the emergency order of detention process.