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Protecting Your Business: Employment Law in Tulsa, OK


Employment law is a set of procedures and rights that govern relationships between employees and employers. Understanding employment law is crucial for both employers and employees in Tulsa, OK. In this article, let us unlock the nitty-gritties of employment law, common issues arising, and how they can be dealt with.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is the collection of laws and rules that regulates the rights and duties between employers and employees. This includes hiring, workplace safety, discrimination, and termination, among other things.

Core Areas of Employment Law

Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

Prevent employees from being discriminated against (due to race, age, sex, religion, disability, etc.).

Wage and Hour Laws

Make sure you pay employees at least minimum lawful wages and do not make them work too much. This includes things like minimum wage laws, overtime pay, and meal and rest breaks.

Workplace Safety

Employers are obligated to ensure that a worker has a safe place to work, which follows wellness and safety laws stipulated by OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration).

Employer Benefits

Employers may provide on-the-job benefits such as health care and retirement or paid time off. Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) compliance is mandatory.

Typical Employment Law Issues

Wrongful Termination

This happens when an employee is fired without compensation or a rightful reason.


Described as anything that makes a person feel uncomfortable at work, so it can range from sexual harassment to bullying.


Employers must not take adversarial action against an employee for reporting and participating in an investigation.

Wage Claims

This includes unpaid wages, overtime, and employee misclassifications among others.

Resolving Employment Law Matters

Manage All Paroled Regulations

Keep detailed records of all employment agreements, performance reviews, and any incidents of misconduct or disputes.

Child Labor Laws, Wage & Hour Division

Learn about labour laws in your federal and state jurisdictions, understand how they protect you, and know your rights and duties.

Hire Legal Counsel

Retain an attorney who specializes in employment law to handle any legal pitfalls and ensure compliance with regulations.

Use Internal Channels

Report issues through your employer’s internal channels before seeking external remedies.

How to Hire an Employment Law Attorney


Search for lawyers who have years of experience handling employment-related cases.


Ensure the attorney practices specifically within the area of employment law that pertains to your complaint.


Investigate the lawyer’s reputation through client reviews, professional ratings (e.g., SuperLawyers), and references.


Look for an attorney who communicates well with you and provides updates on your legal case.


Employment law often affects its beneficiaries in different ways, so it is important for employers as well as employees to understand and navigate through employment law in Tulsa, OK. Address common issues early, before they become bigger problems, by obtaining legal advice where needed to ensure your rights are protected and you have a fair and safe workplace.

For more information on employment law, visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment Law Guide.

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